We encourage extraordinary thinking and planning

  • Bold people and organizations develop bold visions. “Realistic” does not mean small
  • We challenge assumptions to broaden our understanding of what’s possible
  • Change is inevitable, not always comfortable
  • We are informed, not constrained, by the past

The wisdom to find solutions lies within each organization and individual, not from an outside “expert”

  • We design planning processes that help organizations and individuals find the answers that are right for them
  • We respect and celebrate differences of opinion, values, experience and perspective to assure every voice is valued
  • Because each organization is unique, we develop a unique approach for each client, while understanding commonalities of organizations

Our process supports results

  • We strive to bring out the best in every individual and every organization in every situation
  • Working effectively together is as important as our outcome
  • We explore opportunities to collaborate within and between organizations
  • Meetings can be productive and fun